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Understand What The Principle Of Least Privilege Means

What it means by the concept of the least privilege principle is that the identity of individuals that are allowed to access data is used for them to be able to be authorized for such functions. This principle means that only the individuals that are recognized by their identity in the system are able to access an organizations or companies data and any other person that has no identity keyed into the system is not able to access such data. With this said we, therefore, have to realize that there are some risks which make companies and organizations use the principle of the least privilege. In this article, we are going to look at some of the risks that are involved in the principle of least privilege.

One of the risks that are involved in the principle of least privilege is dormant identities. When an individual has access to a company’s important information or data and has not been consistent in reviewing and looking in into the system for a very long time they become inactive and this is what we mean by the terminology dormant identities. It may not be the fault of the individual with their logins it may just be probably that an individual may not see the need of constantly looking into such platforms to check anything that is going on there. Although these people with the dormant identities are innocent in a way, there are people who have malicious agendas and they can use these dormant identities to their advantage so that they can access the data and information in a company’s database and use it for their own personal evil gains. This kind of risk is very crucial and needs to be checked since other parties can access data which they are not allowed to do so.

Privilege escalation is another risk that is associated with the principle of least privilege. This type of risk can be viewed in two different dimensions one of which is horizontal privilege escalation and the other is vertical privilege escalation. Horizontal privilege escalation is a situation where an individual who has an account with less activity and functions manages to reach an account of another person who has more ability and functions. Vertical privilege escalation is a situation where a person who has no authority or power and is lower in the rank within an organization manages to breach the account of another person who has a higher rank in the organization and uses the privileges of that account and doctor the information to their own evil advantages. This risk is very dangerous and a company needs to always keep it in check.

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